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Visual identity — Brand identity — Web design — Front-end developer — Back-end developer — Graphic design — Motion design — 3D






In order to revive the image of the company, it was decided to redesign the entire visual and brand identity of MEO.

Under the art director's supervision who provided me the new logo and its graphic charter, I was assigned as responsible for its application on different media, ranging from designing the new website to the strategic communication on social networks.

So I started by imagining, designing and creating the agency's new website, also creating presentation images for various projects with animations or even 3D visuals. I have also created the logo animation, which is now showcased on the first page of their website as well as on their social network, serving as a mini trailer designed to present the agency's different services.

Along with the creation of the new website, in teamwork with another employee, I have also imagined and implemented the communication strategy on social networks.
Ranging from simple fixed posts to animated posts or even Instagram stories, the goal here was to make them more visible on social networks. So we had to imagine something coherent and impactful.

This project was very stimulating and instructive, given my role as manager, I used many of my skills such as the application of visual identity, frontend and backend development, animation, 3D as well as the realisation of a communication strategy.

"This is a project carried out through the company MEO."

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