Don't Touch




Visual identity — Storyboard — Lights — Post Production — VFX — Sound design


Théo DéchanezPierre Huguenot — Esteban Gonzalez




During our last school year, we were mandated to imagine and realise a short movie with only this constraint: Don't Touch!
The film had to demonstrate a button of great importance with which the protagonist must interact.

We immediately wanted to immerse ourselves in a retro-futuristic/cyberpunk universe.

Tokyo, 2077, humanity is at the forefront of technology and robots are part of their life.
Archaeologists have found an artifact from the famous bigbang with properties that can reset the world through black hole particles that distort space and time. This artifact is called: the heart.

After losing all those she loved and all she owned because of the monopolization of robots, Mia, completely helpless, enters the sanctuary where the artifact is maintained. Pursued by robot guards, she goes to the sacred altar to start all over again ...
A huge, powerful white light rises in the sky ...

"This is a student project carried out via eikon."

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